Teen Patti Game

Teen Patti Game

Teen Patti (Teen Pathi) originated from India, also known as Flush (or Flash), meaning “three cards”. This game is almost identical to the British 3 Card Brag game. Cards are ranked in the usual order from Ace (high) to Two (low). Any reasonable number of players can join, preferably 3 to 6 players.

There are different types of Teen Pathi variations, including Banko, Auction, Muflis, Joker, AK47, and more.

How to Play Teen Patti

How to play Teen Patti
Rules to play Teen Patti

Teen Patti is usually played by 3 to 6 players and uses a pack of 52 cards without jokers. Similar to other poker and rummy games, it starts by placing a bet. After a player has made a bet and the warm-up amount has been collected from everyone, each player is dealt three face-down cards. The start-up amount is the minimum bet amount to be kept in the stakes.

After the player and dealer have three cards, the next step is to call or raise points. Making a call to indicate that a player will continue the game but will not increase their stake. On the contrary, an increase means the player will add money to the bet. Thus there is a risk of winning or losing a lot than the first bet.

However, betting in this game is not the same as poker. Players must place all bets with equal amounts, meaning that when one player bets two coins with another player bets 4, the previous player will have to bet four more instead of just 2.

As the game continues, the cash starts to increase, and the bettor who stays in the game wins until the hand is completed and has the best hand or the highest hand. It is decided on the ranking cards from highest to lowest.


Teen Patti game online

Teen Pathi has straightforward rules. The only cards participating in each round are your three cards and the dealer’s three cards. For the dealer to qualify, the dealer must have Queen or higher of the three cards dealt.

To join the game, bettors need an initial (ante) bet. When betting time is over, gamblers will receive three cards, and the dealer’s cards remain closed. Based on bettors’ cards, they can choose if they want to play.

Gamblers are playable, 1x fold the previous bet. After that, the dealer’s cards spin, and whoever has the better hand wins.

Ace has been ranked as highest, with two being the lowest. The goal is to get the highest 3-card hand and increase the stakes before the game is over.


Some play with a higher limit on the amount that can increase the stakes. So blind gamblers can bet more than 2x the current bet, and seen bettors can bet 4x more than the current bet. Some gamblers place a limit on the number of times a player can bet blind.

For example, bettors can make a blind bet on the first three innings, but on the fourth, they will have to look at the cards and place a wager as a seen gambler from then on.

Some play where pay for a show is 2x the minimum bet, i.e., x2 the current wager on blind bettors or x4 the current bet for the seen bettors.

Limited Stake and Unlimited Stake

When playing for the first time, gamblers will play on a limit table. On the first limit table, the starter amount will be 2, and the gamblers can play up to 4 blindfolded people. The maximum Chaal that can be played is 256, and the stakes limit is 2,048.

Once the Stake limit is reached, all players still in the game are required to show their cards, and the winner will receive the Pot.

In the next level cap table, the boot amount is 4. Bettors can play up to 4 blinds. The maximum Chaal can play is 512, and the Pot limit is 4,096. Gamblers have played multiple hands, and more chips will play at a higher level than the board.

Main Betting Options

  • Ante: To play the game, players will need to place an initial bet (Ante). Place a bet by selecting the chip value from the available chips and clicking on the bet table option before time runs out;
  • Flush: All three cards are the same. If two bettors both have Flushes, whoever has the highest card wins. If they match, then the next highest card is compared, then the third card if needed. If two gamblers have the same value, hands are ranked in sets, with the spade first and the stroke behind;
  • Pair – Two cards of the same rank: Between two pairs, the pair with the higher value is the winner. If the pairs are of equal value, the value of the third card determines the winner;
  • Straight Flush: Three consecutive cards of the same suit;
  • Straight: Three cards in a row are not all of the same suit. Straight lines are also known as “Round” or “Sequence”;
  • Three of a Kind: Three in the same card. Three Aces is the highest, and the three Twos are the lowest.

Hand Rankings

  • Trio or Trail – A series of 3 cards with the same rank;
  • Straight run – Chain of 3 cards of the same suit;
  • Normal run – Chain of 3 cards in consecutive order of different suits;
  • Flush – A series of 3 cards of the same color and the same color. The sequence is not in consecutive order;
  • Pair – If 2 of the three dealt cards have the same rank, then it is a Pair sequence;
  • High hand – 3 cards of a different suit, color, and no order but with a high-ranking card in their sequence.

Strategies to Win

Smartest Teen Patti Strategies
Smartest Teen Patti Strategies

At the outset, place a small bet so you can play multiple hands in a single session, providing more chances to win.

When you get a good hand, don’t be the first to bet. Conversely, if there are insufficient cards, don’t fold them too soon. Reading other players’ minds is an important part. If you become confused or excited, winning will become very difficult for you. Don’t jump in and gradually increase your money if you have a good hand.

Since this is a game of chance and skill, emotions can make losses easy. Once easily shaken, gamblers will begin to make all the wrong choices and end up losing a lot of money.

It is also essential that you fully understand the game before placing all your money on it and losing it all. Pay attention to the budget.


1. What is Teen Patti?

Teen Patti is a casino game played using a standard 52 card deck. Your goal is to create the best three-card hand according to the rankings of the hand.

2. What is the High Card in Teen Patti?

A hand in which three cards are out of order, not all cards are the same, and no two cards have the same rank. If two players share the same high card, the next highest one is used to determine the winner. The best top hand will be an AKJ with different suits and worst 5-3-2.

3. How do I play Teen Patti with my friends?

After registering, you can invite your friends to play games in the games lobby or a private room. Playing Teen Patti for free with friends is always fun, and you can always invite them by submitting a friend request on Facebook.

4. Is Teen Patti a game of skill or chance?

The element of luck greatly influences teen Patti’s results. Therefore, it is considered a game of chance.

5. Can I play Teen Patti online?

Indian gambling laws restrict the play of games of chance like Teen Patti with real money. However, these rules do not apply to international gaming websites so that you can play the game online with a licensed operator.

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