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Skrill is an online payment gate that is commonly known for people around the world, especially, MMO players. If you have used an e-wallet like PayPal, Payoneer, Advcash, or Perfect, things would go the same way for Skrill. Moreover, “citizens” in the gambling world are paying their attention to this magical wallet more than ever because of its highly fast process and low or free extra fee.

Today, we will help all of you to know more about this “big guy” and see what he can do for us, for gamblers. Let’s check it out.

What is Skrill?

Skrill Logo

Moneybooker was the previous name of Skrill and on this online payment pattern, you will experience its flexibility in terms of purchasing and paying online stuff. For players, you will use this one to make deposits or withdrawals with the easiest and fastest process in the world.

Skrill was founded in 2001 and widely used in the United Kingdom. 8 years later, the e-wallet had grabbed numerous clients from more than 120 countries around the world and 40 different currencies. What an impressive number right there for everybody to put their trust in.

If you, gamblers, realize that using a banking account is something complex and wasting your time, then Skrill will be able to give you a different experience. First of all, it‘s about creating a Skrill account which will take you a few mouse clicks and that‘s it, everything will be done in just a blink of an eye. What needs to next is just deposit or withdrawal. During the transferring process, the Skrill system online requires you to provide some basic information like the Name of the recipient, amount of money, the messages, and the reason for transferring. Guess what, that will be all it takes. This is also where the reputation of Skrill comes from: Fast Service. So if you want to make a bet, where can be better?

Why it has to be Skrill?

Fast service doesn’t mean that it is not careful. Coming to Skrill, bettors, especially local Indian players will be surprised by the level of information security of this incredible e-wallet. Why is that? Normally, most of the e-wallets in the market right now will give you the highest tech layer protection but things have been doubled up in Skrill with a private code for each account. For such a reason, scammers will find out it is an impossible mission when trying to steal the information of Skrill’s users.

Local Indian players usually have to deal with currency problems in betting sites and the worst is that their money is not accepted. But don’t worry dear local Indian players, Skrill will get rid of those concerns because it is the platform that possesses more than 40 types of currency and of course, the Rupee. When creating a Skrill account, local Indian players can use it to deposit on the betting site without worrying about money issues.

Speaking of money, most of us will feel headache about the transferring fee of banking account or other e-wallets. Although these numbers of extra fees are quite small, with those bettors who usually have the demand to deposit and withdrawal constantly, there will be something that they will have to pay attention to. However, that problem only exists in other e-wallet or banking accounts. Skrill says “no” for an extra fee. Most of the transactions will be free but it depends on how many do you want to transfer but generally, it will cost you nothing as long as you maintain the logging status during a year.

Finally, it is about the Skrill website where has an elegant purple color that will give a feeling of professionalism to everyone having this app. To compare, Skrill is actually an expert in satisfying their customers by highly sophisticating images that even their website acquires a different and better level in designing. The elegance is what makes the app outstanding the most when the menu section and others were simplified as much as possible to make sure there will be no “eyes cancer experience”. In such a tech age when all of the betting sites all have their own apps, it is convenient that Skrill has taken advantage of this and has their own one which is playing an important role in making the experience of players more smoothly than ever.

With for factors above, Skrill has created a masterpiece under the form of an e-wallet that it is hard for us to find the second one in the market.

What about its bonuses?

This is also one of the standards that help Skrill to obtain love from bettors around the world: high bonuses offers. Lucky how for our players, every site that has an allowance for Skrill payment, give their players an interesting amount of bonuses. A typical example is Betway with 100% bonuses that can support players up to 2500 rupees or LeoVegas, a reliable betting site having a good amount of “gambling fans” offer bonuses up to 10,000 rupee deposit through the Skrill pattern.  

Dear players around the world, especially, local Indian players, is that a good deal? Yes, it is. Below are some betting sites that accept payment and offer bonuses through Skrill:

  • Bet 365 –  up to 4000 rupee
  • 22 Bet  – up to 10,000 rupee
  • Betwinner – up to 8000 rupee
  • ComeOn – up to 10,000 rupee
  • Unibet –  Free bet up to 2,500 rupee

With the fast process and many presents, it is understandable that local Indian players love Skrill so much. So don’t hesitate any more and get your own Skrill account right now.

Let’s create a Skrill account

In this process, you will have to go through three important things:

  1. Creating your Skrill Account
  2. Verify your Skrill account
  3. Verify your personal detail

Down here, we have already put out the deepest information that you need to fill in on each step. If you pay attention to the below demonstration carefully, you won’t get lost in the middle: 

Creating an account

Creating an Skrill account
  • Step 1: Firstly, you need to access and click the Resister section on the menu or just click on “Open a Free Account”. Both selections are good to follow.
  • Step 2: Give Skrill some basic information like Email and Password and then hit the Next button
  • Step 3: Adding your personal details: First name, Surname, Date of Birth and then Next
  • Step 4: Pick your country and your currency
  • Step 5: Skrill will need your address and postal code in this step
  • Step 6: It‘s time to put your phone number in and verify the captcha. When you are done, just tick on “Send me information” and then press “OPEN ACCOUNT”
  • Step 7: Check your email to find the mail from Skrill. Open that link and click on the link attached
  • Step 8: This is for those who want to double up their layer protection. You need to pick 2FA (2-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION) or create Pin. That is all the matter to overcome this part

That is all you need to have a new Skrill account.

Verifying your Skrill account

  • Step 1: Go to and click the “Cards and Bank Accounts” then follow the Add Credit or Debit Card
  • Step 2: You will need to complete the form appearing on the screen
  • Step 3: After finishing fulfilling your Card Info, Skrill will ask you if you want to transfer any amount of money from 1.01 to 2,99 USD to verify your card or not. To continue, you need to press on “Debit amount and verify”. Right then, Skrill will inform you that you need to have Visa or Credit Bank Statement within 1 – 3 days. This is for them to know exactly how much did you put in (you need to ask the staff at the bank to know the accurate number)
  • Step 4: When you already have had the number, hit the “Finish Verification” and right after, a window will show up and all you have to do is just adding the number and then press “Submit”. Done

Personal verification

  • Step 1: Go to to login to Skrill
  • Step 2: Clicking in the link “Verify Your Account” at the Account Overview then a Skrill system will appear. Then you can start doing your “Verify Your ID” work. Skrill system will ask you to activate your camera to capture your relevant papers.
  • Step 3: You need to bring out personal papers like a passport or Identity Card to verify. Initially, you need to pick your country, and then you will be asked to show your papers in front of the webcam for Skrill to confirm. If things are fine, the system will announce that your papers are qualified.

When all of the papers have been sent successfully and the “ Verify Your ID” and “ Verify Your Ownership” will turn into “IN REVIEW” which means that it is under consideration. If things are done, that status will turn into Complete and you will receive a completing announcement email.

After those steps, it is time to link Skrill’s account to betting sites. This process will be easier and there are Terms and Condition as well as linking guidance on every site. The only thing that we need you, local Indian players to pay more attention to is that to make a deposit or withdrawal on Skrill pattern or any e-wallets, you need to have a banking account. This is due to the fact that the Indian government doesn’t want their citizens to stock their money in a foreign e-wallet where they can’t control or has any authority. So make sure to take this into account.


  1. Is skrill allow in India?

    Yes, it is. But you need to remember that the government of India does not allow its people to use any foreign e-wallet. So make sure to have a bank account and link it with your banking account. Things will go smoothly from then

  2. Can I use skrill for gambling?

    Yes, you can. Lots of betting sites accept Skrill and they also offer you bonuses to make deposits through this pattern.

  3. Is skrill safe for bettors?

    You can’t go wrong with Skrill in terms of betting. It is not just focusing on facilitating its user but also make it safe for everyone to use it with double secure layers. So what can I say? For players, it is just like insurance.

  4. Paypal or Skrill?

    Both of them are famous and trusted because of their reputation and reliability. But since Skrill supports more types of currency than Paypal, especially Rupee so we would say it would be a huge advantage, not just global but for local Indian players.

Skrill is waiting for you

With those explanations above, we believe some of you partly get rid of the concerns about this e-wallet pattern. In the end, it is worth giving a shot.
After getting through to find out what is Skrill and how does it work as well as what advantage does it offer, we don’t see anything that can lead bettors far from the decision to use this e-wallet. So, go ahead, make a try and tell us about your experience.

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Tom Hiddleston

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