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Paypal Adores Local Indian Players
Paypal Adores Local Indian Players

Paypal has done an excellent job in the e-wallet market  for 23 years. Most of the businesses or individuals have known and been using this flexible e-wallet to purchase and pay for almost everything on the internet. Taking a look back on its operating years and worldwide reputation, we can realise how much trust has people put in it. For now, that level of trust has increased rapidly in the last few years since it got attention from bettors as well as dealers in the gambling world which has a tremendous number of scammers. This is due to its fast process, information security and money returning policy. Betway might be the best example of using Paypal to facilitate the deposit and withdrawal process which is to make sure to enhance the experience of its users. Besides, there are thousands of betting sites out there now realising the convenience of this e-wallet and already has applied it just as Betway.

 In this Article, we are going to help you, players and dealers, to know why you should use Paypal as much as show you how to own an account for your own. At the end, we will interpret some problems that players, especially the local india ones, are facing when using Paypal in betting sites. With further ado, let’s get into it right now. 

Paypal – Who is this hero?

What is Paypal
What is Paypal? (Source: Shutterstock)

With Paypal, online transactions are no longer a nightmare to everyone around the world where they can encounter the villain “Scammer”.  Specifically, it acts like an e-wallet or e-banking which is quite easy and friendly for global users.

As we have mentioned, the concern of currency types has nothing to do with Paypal. So basically, local Indian players just need to have an account, send money in Paypal, transfer it to any gambling sites that accept PayPal (most of them do), and then you are good to go.

When the betting works go fine and finally, you decide to take out, just hit the cash out section existing in every gambling site. Soon, they will send money to your Paypal account with an informing email, and when the money has come in, it is all your choice to transfer it back to your bank account or leave it right there. Local Indian players will find no disappoints if putting all their trust in this banking pattern, not even mention it is easy enough for the newbies to drop

There is no magic behind this incredible e-wallet. It has just got encrypted and secured by the most talented codes in the world to make sure that only if you have a secure connection, you can access their website. This big guy even has started the “bounty hunter” program with a really good prize for “white hat” hackers who can find flaws in their system. In conclusion, the site got covered from the inside to the outside which we believe that players can truly say goodbye to scammers from now on.

A big “no” for annoying problems or scammers

It is understandable when seeing players, especially local Indians choose Paypal in the Payment section on those gambling sites. For those who have no ideas how Paypal can do that, we are pleased to offer you the answer: “ The Credibility”. You all can realize that we didn’t even want to talk about the legitimacy because it would be just abundant to say so and Paypal’s worldwide coverage level has proved that already.

Normal bank or Paypal?

Putting your money in the bank might be the best choice to save money but when it comes to online gambling, all it will give to you is just time wasting. Betting sites and normal don’t get on well with each other, so when one of these two wants to do business mutually, they have to check up. And that process usually takes up more than 2 days which is totally frustrating for players.

However, things like that do not exist in Paypal because the cash in and out process in Paypal will not let its customer wait as well as the result that your money will go in and out within 24 hours if you have the demands. Do players need to care about the security of their banking information? In the PayPal zone, if you have paid but the product you receive is not like what it is promoted on online, you have the right to ask PayPal to return the money you have spent on that. This is the policy that makes the reputation of Paypal and bettors love it so much, especially when they will encounter scammers. No one can possibly steal your banking information on PayPal, especially Scam Sites. 

For those advantages right there, should players be worried when they got in the traps of those “online pickpockets”? Not a chance they will because everything will head back to where it comes from. One more annoying problem that local Indian players dislike so much is that their money is unacceptable. Paypal won’t let any sites do that to you dear local Indian players, your money will be just like the others in the Paypal system.

Well, what can we say? Just download and you will fall in love with it, The Incredible Paypal.

“Santa” Paypal

People love Santa Claus because he gives presents while global players and especially, local India love “Santa” Paypal for its so many bonus offers. If you take a trip through these sites like Pure Casino, 10Cric, Betway, or, you can see that they will give a huge amount of bonuses for gambling newbies such as “Get up to 10,000 rupees In Welcome Bonus”, or “Get up to 20,000 rupees EXTRA to play with + 5,000 rupees in Free Bets” and so much more out there waiting for you to take. Look at that number of rupees in bonuses, local India will be so angry if they miss those deals right there.

Finally, we must remind all of our players that you guys need to read the Term and Conditions on every site to make sure there will be no problems or misunderstanding in your first time making the deposit.

Time to make deposits and withdrawals through Paypal

Time to make deposits and withdrawals through Paypal
Time to make deposits and withdrawals through Paypal ( Source: Shutterstock)

Luckily that Paypal is commonly used in India so the process won’t confuse any India Local for sure. To be completely able to use Paypal on a betting site, of course, we will need a PayPal account first and then link the Paypal account to your chosen gambling heaven. Creating a Paypal account is so simple that only a few steps below you will have the most powerful e-wallet in the world at the moment:

Step 1: Accessing the Paypal website and pressing the Sign Up at the top right corner

Step 2: Pick a personal area and start entering your personal details like name, date of birth, email address,…. Paypal hates to leave people to wait so it will send a confirmation email. Guess what local India, all of that takes less than 5 minutes to finish.

Step 3: Add a payment card

As soon as your Paypal account has been created, you can start putting in the site some information about your banking account. Passing this step, you can step your foot in the betting game. However, don’t be too fast because that is just the inserting step. If you want to take back your money after winning a good prize, you need to follow the step below.

Step 4: Verify your PayPal account

This step is needed because Paypal wants to eliminate harmful factors like terrorists, launders, or even scammers.

The process might be simple but when it comes to safety, things have to be looked after carefully so the verification might take you up to 5 days but as we said, this is for the sake of your money and information in the long run. Solely, all you have to do is:

  • Confirm your email address
  • Provide your PAN Card
  • Add your bank account
  • Provide “purpose of transactions”.

Confirm email

Local India or any players in the world need to carry the process successfully as much as smoothly.

It is just a “baby” step that you don’t need to put in any effort. Just open your email and find the mail from Paypal. Inside that email will have the confirm button and then you know what to do next right? Just hit the button and you are good with the first step.

Put your PAN card in

In this verification process, you need to provide them a copy of your PAN card. Again, this is just a baby step when it can be scanned easily so the PayPal staff can take a review. This is the process that takes time the most ( from 1 to 3 days) to finish the verification.

Add your bank account

It is impossible for Local India to use Paypal if they don’t have a banking account. This originated from the fact the Indian government doesn’t want their people to use any e-wallet that is not under their authority. So you better get your banking account right away to make sure that every money you earn on betting will pour back into your bank account.

Just give them any detail they need from your banking account and then they, Paypal will send you 2 confirm emails. That is all.

Transfer Purpose

Though the above are already simple this one right here is at a higher level of simplicity. Just hit the menu and there will be some purpose for you. Your job is, to be honest, by choosing the betting option and keep moving forward.

Wow, look at that, it’s just like a kid learning how to ride a bike. Waiting is the only matter.

Let rock and roll guys

When you have overcome the process, the deposit and withdrawal are your choice at any time and anywhere you like dear Local Indian Players. But, you need to be aware of those sites that don’t accept Paypal because a lot of them don’t. Making sure to find those having the Paypal symbol like Betway sites where not only accepts the Paypal payment but also has a lot of bonuses if you, local Indian players decide to drop in. Also, they are running a promotion with the extra rupee for newbies up to 10000 rupees. So, what are you waiting for local Indian players? Let‘s join with Paypal to rouse the gambling world and experience the most convenient payment process in the world.


This is the section where you all can meet some common questions about Paypal as well as its benefits when coming into the topic of gambling. So make sure to check it out:

  1. Can I bet with Paypal?

    Through our article and other reviews that we found as well as data about Paypal, as long as your chosen betting site allows Paypal payment, you are good to go.

  2. How do I gamble with Paypal in India?

    Everything is made easy for local Indian players to put in and get out their money without any difficulties. Just follow these steps below:
    +Create Indian banking account
    +Create Banking account
    +Link those two together
    +Create betting account
    +Link Paypal with betting account
    +Let’s rock n Roll
    Except for the
    Rock and Roll step, the rest is equally important. Missing any step you will be
    able to enjoy the betting game.

  3. Can I receive my money without linking to a banking account?

    You need to know that whenever you receive credit from any source that links with your PayPal account, it will pour directly into your Paypal and you can decide to leave it there or bring it back to your banking account. Unfortunately, you won’t find this working in India because the Indian Government doesn’t want their citizen’s money to be held in any foreign e-wallet that doesn’t belong to their authority. Basically, you have to own a banking account if you live in India to make sure you will successfully receive the money from betting sources.

  4. Is it safe to link my banking account with PayPal?

    A big yes to this question. Paypal is a scammers killer and it will guard your money as well as it is authorized to be transparent by people around the world when it comes to protecting money online.

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