Kolkata Horse Race Tips in 2021

Kolkata Horse Race Tips in 2021

Horse Racing At Kolkata

Horse racing in Kolkata can be traced back to the eighteenth century. The matches were initially held in the Garden Reach and Akra areas. Facilities in Akra are definitely very basic. The course was roughly marked out and only 4 horses can enter any race. Since the track is conveniently located beside the Hugle River, both horses and spectators enjoy the breeze blowing through the water. There is no denying that it has calmed down some of India’s relentless sun!

Some Best Tips for Betting on Kolkata Horse Races

Best Tips for Betting on Kolkata Horse Races
Best Tips for Betting on Kolkata Horse Races

It is true to say that horse racing is a very popular sport in many places, including Kolkata. But sometimes, betting on ponies can make you feel like a clown.

But if you are one of those who value horse racing, a string of losses can be devastating. That said, to avoid this, you can follow a strategy. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran gambler, you can find one or two tips in this horse racing betting guide that you can use for your next horse racing event in Kolkata. If you are ready to go, here are some horse betting tips for you.

Leave Your Emotions at the Door

This is possibly the most important tip not only for horse racing but also for any type of gambling activity. Whatever gambling activity you play, do it with as little logic and emotion as possible. It is true to say that planning properly and knowing how to bet will help you make more money than ever.

Bet On the Recent Winners

It is true that this is one of the most popular strategies and also one of the most profitable ones. Simply put, horses that have won a recent race are almost always a good bet for money in a race. These horses will most likely be the top contenders in the race. That’s the best bet you can bet on.

Find the Jockey’s Form

A  jockey’s form did not mention some of the sheets they had to fill out. Their form is how well they have been doing over the past several races. The fact of the matter is that jockeys can have streaks of both good and bad luck. If you are not sure where to get jockey stats, you should do a search on the internet to find out.

Don’t Bet When You Don’t Know the Type of Track

If you want to place a bet but do not know how long the track is or what its surface is, stop if you don’t want to waste your money.

All you need to do is find out the surface and distance of the track and use this information to your advantage. Then you can start placing bets.

Match the Trainer to Their Specialty

Again, using the power of internet searches, you can look up information about the trainer of the horses. Like all coaches, some of them excel in certain areas as well as outperform others in certain areas.

In fact, for those experienced, they will pay attention to the  trainers when deciding to place a bet.

Pay Attention to the Age of the Horses

Pay Attention to Your Horse Age
Pay Attention to Your Horse Age

Like humans, older horses are more likely to have endurance problems and perform worse in long-distance races. For example, while a few like Tom Brady can still do amazing things in their 40s, for the most part, you can’t, neither with horses. Keep this in mind when choosing who to bet.

Calculate the ROI on the Tip Sheet

Lots of articles give you advice or  cheat sheets that give you tips or more information on the horses. Oftentimes, you will use this to make a smarter decision.

In fact, having more information is never a bad thing, and that may be true at the racecourse. However, I personally do not recommend purchasing these from the track itself. Have you ever wondered: “Why is the thing that is supposed to help me win is sold by the people who want me to lose?” From my experience, the racetrack makes money when I lose my bet.


Horse racing is a great sport, not many other sports can match it. However, although a lot of people are betting on horse racing, only a few of them actually join the research to increase their chances of winning. That said, knowledge is a weapon, and it is useful not only for horse racing betting but any form of sports betting.

However, when you decide to place bets and horses, keep these tips in mind. They will help clear your mind and focus on the horse, not your emotions. Besides, they provide you with small pieces of data to improve your betting. Anyway, you will always be better because you have more experience, right?


  1. How do I read about a horses form?

    In horse racing, form refers to the horse’s record over a number of runs. There are a number of different abbreviations used, which are:
    /: Separates racing sessions
    BD: If a horse was brought down by another runner
    BF: Means that it’s a beaten favourite
    1-9: The position that the horse finished in the race
    0: Finished outside the top 9
    P/PU: Pulled up
    F: Fell
    S: Slipped Up
    R: Refusal
    B: Brought Down
    U: Unseated Rider
    -: Separates years
    CD: If a horse has won over course and distance

  2.  What is “form?”

    “Form” is a word in horse racing which might refer to a couple of different things.
    First of all, a horse’s “form” may be a record of information about that horse which include breeding information as well as performance history. This is a useful summary to review while you are deciding to place a bet.
    On the other hand, a horse which is “in form” is one which is fit and healthy and ready to run. A horse which is “off form” is one which is not in a good condition to run.

  3. Where can I watch horse racing in Kolkata?

    You can watch horse racing in the Kolkata Race Course in Kolkata, West Bengal. It is one of the largest and best horse racing grounds in India.

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