Is online betting legal in India?

Is online betting legal in India

India has no federal laws against online betting. Each state can decide if they want to impose jurisdictions on online betting. So far, only a handful of states in India have laws against online betting. This means that online betting is unregulated in India, except for a few states.

Are Offline and Online Betting Legal in India?

In India, the legality of betting or gambling is quite complicated. While the law prohibits gambling in land-based casinos, there are no laws that prohibit online betting.

In general, the legality of online betting in India is uncertain as there is a difference between the laws set by the central and state governments. The lack of heterogeneity between the two governments has created several loopholes that make online gambling through companies outside of India legal.

Fortunately, the new government has already enacted several regulations for online betting via smartphones. Online casinos are banned within India’s borders, and some states have banned them outright. However, in other states, gambling on sites outside of India is not considered illegal.

For example, the northeastern state of Sikkim is poised to step up its gambling. Some places like Daman and Goa have opened casinos like Casino Pride 2 and Casino Deltin Royale. Therefore, national law and state law differ significantly.

India’s laws are very strict with gambling, and taxing too high of 30% on any winnings is not recommended. With high taxes, online casinos from India have little to no long-term foothold in the Indian market.

Historical Background of Gambling Law in India

Gambling was first banned in India during the colonial period under the Public Gambling Act of 1867. This law regulates the provision of gambling services in all of India, as well as visits and use of gambling facilities. Public gambling facilities are illegal.

India’s betting law does not mention online betting as it was introduced many years before the invention of the Internet. So, along with the internet, online betting is legal as it was not expressly forbidden under the 1867 law.

If the Indian government wanted to ban online betting altogether, it might have amended the law to ban online betting, but it did not.

Card Games in India

This country has a popular history of card games and poker. Many Indian gamblers love playing cards like Poker, Andar Bahar, and Teen Patti. There are several reputable and safe websites where these activities take place without being subjected to criminal crime.

Each State Has Different Gambling Laws

In 1950, the Indian constitution was promulgated. It is written in the form that each state will be allowed to formulate its gambling laws. Instead of imposing federal laws banning or legalizing online betting, the central government lets states decide whether to legalize or ban online betting in their territories.

Each state in India has its online betting laws. Some states will have stricter regulations, while others have less stringent rules.

In Maharashtra, skill games are allowed while games of chance are banned, similar to Karnataka and many other states. In the state of Sikkim, local governments are actively trying to legalize and regulate online betting. Sikkim has begun accepting licensing applications from betting operators looking to offer games in the state.

In most other states of India, there are no specific laws regarding online betting, making it a legal gray area. For example, betting online is not legal in Tamil Nadu. Hence, online gambling in any state except Maharashtra is not a prosecutable offense.

Final Verdict

Although there is no official legal status for online betting, gamblers can be comfortable knowing betting in India is not an illegal activity. So whether gambling or online betting is legal in India or not, the answer remains a mystery. However, land-based betting is inevitably against the law.

Online betting is not considered a crime, and there are no legal provisions for it. However, any betting operator offering online gambling services in India is required to be outside of India.


1. When are Indian gambling laws legalized?

No one knows precisely when online betting will be fully legalized in India. It could happen next year or never.

2. Is online betting in India legal?

India is a legally gray area, as there are many legal changes and differences between national law and state law. Gamblers are not arrested for betting online in India, as there is no law making it illegal.

3. Is the Betting app legal in India?

Online betting is not illegal in India, but sports betting does exist in a gray area. There is no specific law prohibiting Indians from using online betting sites based in countries where online sports betting is legal.

4. What is the best betting site in India?

Betway or Bet365 is one of the best betting sites for Indian players. They have a big welcome bonus, bet in INR, lots of promotions, lots of cricket markets, good customer support, and more.

5. How to start online betting from India?

Just find a reputable betting site, sign up for an account, make a deposit and start betting.

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