Is it legal to play international lottery in India

Is it legal to play international lottery in India

The lottery is not as popular in India as it is in Western countries. Indians have access to offline options, but chances are lottery enthusiasts want a more significant number of options.

With the growing internet in popularity, lottery games popular in Western countries are now entering India. Online platforms will make it easier for Indians to play lottery games and win large sums of money. As far as the relevant rules and regulations are concerned, gambling is allowed in certain states of India and is governed by certain behaviors.

Laws And Regulations of Indian Lottery

Laws And Regulations of Indian Lottery
Laws And Regulations of Indian Lottery

Several restrictions in India apply to playing the lottery and accessing web-based ticketing opportunities. Each state of India can define local laws and impose different rules than the framework in the rest of the country.

The individual states control the local lottery’s jurisdiction, and the percentage of the proceeds through the sale of tickets will support legitimate purposes.

Currently, according to 2017 legislative information, the lottery is legal in 13 Indian states. The Supreme Court granted local governing authorities the right to ban lotteries, and many took advantage of the opportunity.

States like Maharashtra, Kerala, Mizoram, Sikkim, and Nagaland have a relatively popular and legal local lottery. People living in other regions can only play the international lottery.

Online lottery tickets in India offered through international websites are legal. The legal framework governs drawings taking place outside the country in their respective areas.

The ban itself was not very effective, as Indians in states that banned lottery tickets still had access to online options, and many illegal lotteries were born.

However, if you live in one of the states that have a ban, then it’s much safer to play the lottery online in India. Illegal lotteries run the risk of being scammed. Buying tickets online offers a variety of guarantees that help reduce the risk of losing money.

Chances to Buy Online International Lottery

Buying lottery tickets online through local websites is undisputed. Options like TheLotter are top-rated globally with a massive portfolio of games. The theLotter operators will be responsible for purchasing tickets on your behalf.

TheLotter is just one of the many international ticket buying platforms. There are also many other platforms. Most of these platforms are available in India, offering a wide range of games like US Powerball and Mega Millions, EuroMillions, SuperEnalotto, El Gordo, Oz Lotto, La Primitiva, Brazil’s Quina, Mega Sena, EuroJackpot, and more.

When buying lottery tickets online, the carrier charges a small commission to be added to the ticket price, and the customer does not have to pay any cost in the winning amount. However, these tickets are more expensive than the price local players have to pay.

Security is ensured through full encryption, reliable customer support, and multiple payment options.

Online lotteries in India give customers the freedom to bypass local restrictions and restrictions.

How to Buy Lottery Tickets Online in India

The most important thing is to choose the right website to buy international lottery tickets. One of the easiest ways to filter between reputable platforms is to determine what type of international lottery you want to play and start looking for an online portal based on this requirement.

The next thing to consider is deposits and withdrawals. Because you are in India, there will be certain financial restrictions.

PayPal currently offers limited accounts for people in India. Payments between countries in India are not supported. Only debit and credit card transfers are allowed. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has specific rules that prevent PayPal from operating in India as it does in other countries.

Most PayPal functions are disabled in India, so international lottery ticketing platforms using this payment method will not be the most convenient option for Indian citizens. Degree.

There are platforms based in India that sell international tickets, which is the safest bet for you when it involves deposits and withdrawals.

One essential last thing to keep in mind is that you are still subject to local income tax. If the country where the lottery is located has an income tax on lottery prizes, the customer will pay double.

Legal Lottery Sites in India

Online Legal Lottery Sites In Indian Rupees
Online Legal Lottery Sites In Indian Rupees

If you want to play the online lottery without breaking any laws, your only option right now is online lottery websites worldwide. Since international lottery sites are located outside of India, they are not subject to Indian law.

Here are some suggestions for legitimate lottery sites:


LottoAgent is a legitimate lottery website that accepts Indian players based in Belize. The site qualifies as a worldwide lottery site with an electronic gambling license from Curacao.


It is based in Cyprus, and Lotto247 is a legitimate worldwide lottery website to play in India. Lotto247 also has several electronic gambling licenses, allowing you to play the best lottery games in the world.


LottoSmile is a worldwide lottery website offering the lowest minimum deposit of all online lottery types. It has all of the highest-rated games.


Lottoland is legal in India, based in Gibraltar. The site has several electronic gambling licenses and has become one of the most trusted lottery sites.


1. Can I play the international lottery from India?

You can play the international lottery in India. The rules and regulations for foreign lotteries are not subject to Indian law, as the draw does not occur in India. So you can buy lottery tickets online for Europe, Australia, and the US lottery from India.

2. Can I play the American lottery from India?

According to the Mega Millions and Powerball rules, you don’t need to be a US citizen or resident to play the US lottery. Using Lottosmile’s online lottery ticketing services, you can enter Mega Millions and Powerball draws with your official ticket without leaving India.

3. Can international lottery winners bring money to India?

Indians cannot buy lottery tickets in their foreign currency. This method is illegal under FEMA laws. If you enter the international lottery online and win in India, you need to pay 30% income tax on the winnings plus tax.

4. Are foreign lotteries taxed in India?

If you are an Indian resident, all your compensation from all sources, including foreign remuneration, will be taxed in India. Whether you win overseas or win the international lottery, it’s best to contact a tax attorney to pay your taxes and avoid penalties.

5. Can I transfer the won amount to my bank account in India?

When setting up your online account, you must choose one of the many available methods to fund your account, including Visa, Mastercard, and Neteller. Additionally, winnings in player accounts can be used to purchase additional tickets for future bonus spins.

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