Poker rules – How to play Poker – update 2022

Poker rules – How to play Poker – update 2022

Before getting into the lessons on how to play advanced Poker, let’s take a look at the basic poker rules. For many people the rules of poker texas are quite simple. The truth is not so, with many years of experience teaching how to play poker, I realize that most people who play poker games from 1 to 2 months still do not fully understand the rules of poker and how to play Poker texas.

What is Poker?

Hold Poker is a card game where you hold two hidden cards (two hold cards) that are not opened and players can bet/raise and pot. Whoever has the best hand combination wins the pot, in the other case the dealer gets the food if the other players don’t follow and fold. In Vietnam, Poker is also known as Poker or Poker.

Among the forms of Poker, Poker Texas Hold’em no limit is much more popular. This article will guide you through the rules of Poker and specifically the Texas Hold’em Poker rules. There are many other types of poker but not as popular as Omaha or Short Deck we will not discuss in this article.

How to Play Poker
How to Play Poker – Source: Freepik

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Poker Rules Overview

The basic way of playing Poker is that each player will be dealt 2 cards. Then 3 community cards will be dealt, in the next round 1 community card will be dealt on the turn and 1 card on the river. A total of 5 community cards are dealt. Players will combine 5 community cards and 2 cards in their hand to form the strongest deck. The most common mistake novice texas poker players make is not realizing they can use 2, 1, or no community cards to combine. Between the dealing rounds, preflop, flop, turn, river are betting rounds. There are a total of 4 such betting rounds. In each betting round the player has the right to fold, check/call, bet/raise. Usually in each round the player will have 3 action rights.

Let’s continue to follow the rules of poker and how to play poker well through the dealing rounds.

Texas poker rules through dealing rounds.

Preflop Round – First betting round

Before the cards are dealt, 2 players must post the blind. They are called blind money because the player hasn’t seen the cards yet but has had to contribute money to the pot. One person will contribute an amount of X (depending on the table) called the small blind. The next person will contribute an amount of 2X (double the first) called the big blind. This blind payment takes place one after the other. To determine this, we use a special chip called the dealer, every round the dealer moves clockwise and the 2 people sitting to the left of the dealer will pay SB and BB respectively.

After paying, every player will receive 2 cards. The rule of dealing in Texas Poker rules is to deal the first card from SB to BB clockwise

Order of action

The next texas poker rule that you need to know is the order of action. The first person to act in the preflop betting round is the person sitting to the left of the Big Blind. This position is also known as UTG (Under the gun). Next also clockwise people continue to act. The action round ends when all players act and no one raises further.

At the rounds after the Flop, Turn, River and ShowDown, the first person to act was Small Blind, followed by the next.

Actions that you can take during the betting round.


You can quit immediately. When someone bets or raises in front of you you can fold, you can even fold even if no one bets before you. If I like it, I fold it. However, we recommend that you always check when no one has bet before you instead of folding.


You put an amount of money into the pot. In live poker we push chips into the table. Bet action is the act of helping you get more chips when you have a strong hand and forcing your opponent to fold when your hand is weak. You can bet all chips or bet with the big blind. We usually play no limit poker game so you can bet as much as you like.


When a player has bet before you, you have the right to raise. Add more coins to the pot than the previous amount. Usually the minimum raise should be x2 the previous bet. Some places set a minimum raise that can be 1.5 of the amount of the previous bet.


When someone bet or raise before you. You can follow by the number of chips they give. This keeps you in the game. If you fold you will be eliminated from the table immediately.


When no one has bet or raised before you, you have the right to check. You will also be able to stay in the game and continue to give the right to act to others. Remember to always check even if you know you lost 96.69%. In simple terms, the check action is equivalent when you call with a level of 0. 2 check or call actions are equivalent in theory and practice. In a situation, only check or call action can occur.

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According to the rules of Poker, there will be 3 main groups of actions:




Check and call; bet and raise at a time only one action is accepted. Raise is a special case of bet, when you bet bigger than the person in front.

The betting round ends when all players have called, checked or folded their cards. If there are still 2 or 3 players raising back and forth, the round continues until they get tired of raising (or until all-in ).

Above are the basic Poker rules and how to play Poker well through the actions in the hand. Let’s follow the rules of Poker through the dealing rounds.

Flop Round – First 3 Community Cards.

After the first betting round in preflop. The dealer will deal 3 face-up cards on the table, which everyone can see. These 3 cards belong to everyone. These three cards combine with the 2 cards in the player’s hand to form a 5-card deck. It is also for this reason that it is called the community cards.

Now the 2nd round of betting will begin. You can continue to bet more money into the pot. At the end of the 2nd betting round we will continue to deal the 3rd hand.

Let’s move on to the next round of Poker instructions.

Turn – 4th community card.

We continue to be dealt the 4th community card, the player will combine the 2 cards in his hand and the 4 community cards into a set of 5 strongest cards. So at this point you always remember, always match the strongest 5 cards in your hand, and discard the unnecessary cards. At this point, we have the concept of kicker (or talent), for example, pair A kicker K or pair Q kicker A.

River Round – 5th community card.

On the river the 5th community card will be dealt. At this point all the cards have been dealt. Players will combine the 2 cards in their hand and the 5 cards on the table to form the strongest deck. Remember to use only the 5 strongest cards. You can use 2 or 1 or even 0 cards in your hand in that strongest 5-card set.

After the end of dealing the last betting round begins. Players continue to check, bet call or raise and fold.

Round Showdown – Who is the winner.

In the showdown round, all players take turns showing the 2 cards they are holding to find the winner.

Instructions to play Texas Poker through how to compare cards 

How to compare hands in poker is one of the most important rules that you must know when learning basic poker rules and how to play texas poker. The combo set consists of only 5 cards with no excess or shortage. Many people when they first learn how to play Poker make the mistake of ignoring this factor. When you first learn the rules of texas poker and how to play poker you always read your 5 strongest cards, avoiding mistakes in the duel. I have made specific video tutorials on how to deal cards, how to read cards in poker.   Take a close look at the 9 examples at the bottom of the article.

Now let’s also take a look at the strengths and weaknesses of the hands in poker through the following Poker texas guide.

Hand ranking in poker rules

Royal Flush – Royal Flush

The strongest hand in poker consists of 10 matching JQKAs. This is the strongest hand in poker, the probability of a dragon hall is very low, millions of hands only meet 1 hand.

Straight Flush

The clearing box is the second most powerful set in the poker hand. The deck consists of 5 cards of the same suit in order, notice that card A counts both as card 1 and as card 14. So A 2 3 4 5 or 10 JQKA are both halls.


A deck of 4 cards of the same color. 

Fullhouse (Fullhouse)

When you have 3 of the same cards and a pair, we have a hand. Note that 2 players with the same flood will match whose 3 is stronger. If the 3 of 2 people are even, they will continue to fight to the remaining pair.

Bucket (Flush)

When you have 5 cards of the same color you get a set of boxes. And there are also many cases where 2 players have the same crate. Always remember the rule of placing the strongest 5 cards to know who is the winner.

For example, a player holds a  . One player holds . Articles on the table have . So who is the winner of the 2 players above?   is the winner with the bucket to Q.

Hall (Straight)

When you have 5 cards close together that form a line, you have a suit in poker. Only note that card A can both calculate the stake above 10 JQKA and also calculate the lower lobby 1 2 3 4 5.

Three of a kind

Another name is also called set or trip. (Set and trip are different). When you have 3 of the same cards in the deck you have a set of 3. This is a very powerful hidden hand and pays a lot of money in poker. When there is no door on the table, there is no door to the lobby, if you hold the top set, you can comfortably make money. When you hold the strongest hand, your hand is also known as the nut hand. Always remember to bet value when there is a nut hand.

Animal (Two pair)

You hold 2 pairs for example pair 8 and pair T is called two pair. 

Pair (Pair)

You hold any pair, of course don’t forget the remaining 3 cards. From here was born the concept of kicker or talent.

The stronger the kicker, the higher your chances of winning. see the example section directly below to understand kicker.

High Card (High Card)

This is the weakest hand in poker. A deck of 5 cards that have nothing to do with each other. When you first come across a hand like this, you should fold or muck the hand. When playing poker for a long time, with cards like this you can still win by bluffing.

Example of how to read cards in poker

Note: When playing cards, using 2 cards in our hand combined with 5 cards on the table is a community card. We have 7 cards in all but only pick the strongest 5 cards. So you can use both cards in your hand to combine, one card in your hand, or use none of the cards in your hand, but use the 5 cards on the table.
In poker that doesn’t consider the color of the card like the spade, there are cases where there is a tie and both sides split the chip. 

Example 01:   You hold 

The opponent holds 

The 5 card hand is as follows:  

So the winner here will be the opponent with the opponent’s strongest 5-card set:   

While your strongest 5 cards will be      in non-action poker, 2 K’s take any color K’s. Your opponent’s 5 strongest cards are the 4th and 4th quarters, your 5 strongest cards are the 4th quarters and the K.
You lose. Note that when reading, you must count all 5 strongest cards, do not count 4 cards, 6 cards or 3 cards. Make sure to count all 5 cards

Example 02:   You hold  

The opponent holds 

The 5 card hand is as follows:  

So who wins here? The result is a tie, in poker there is no better than losing by substances but only counting the strongest 5 cards.

Your 5 strongest cards are      You only use 1 card   that you don’t use is 

Your opponent’s 5 strongest cards are your    opponent using 1 card   without using it 

In poker you can use one of your cards, or none of your cards. Poker does not count and there are cases of tie. In the event of a tie, the pot is split in half.

Example 03: 
You hold   

The opponent holds 

5 card card 

Here is the situation where everyone is wrong.

Your 5 strongest cards are 

Your opponent’s 5 strongest cards are  

In poker, only the 5 strongest cards are considered, so there can be no 3 pairs in this situation.
In this situation both only take the 5 strongest cards and you don’t use any cards in your hand, nor does your opponent use any cards in their hand. Both use the same card on the table and the result is a split.

Example 04:

You hold  

The opponent holds 

5 card card  

Your 5 strongest cards are    you using a card   and not using a card 

Your opponent’s 5 strongest cards are your opponent    ‘s 2 cards 

So here are 5 cards of your opponent stronger than you. The opponent has a pair of A but wins by kicker K. So remember when playing cards, consider all 5 strongest cards. You can use a two-card or 0-card in your hand. And count 5 cards very carefully or you will definitely break the rules.

Example 05:

You hold 

The opponent holds 

 Lessons out 

Here many people will confuse and count as 3 pairs. Actually considering the 5 strongest cards so your 6s are discarded, your strongest hand doesn’t use any cards you will have

Your strongest     hand uses no cards in your hand can’t put a 6 here nor can a 6 go here.

Your opponent’s strongest  hand   Using a card    looks absurd but is very convincing isn’t it

Your opponent’s hand wins you because the 6 in your hand is invalid, in poker this situation happens very often. A lot of players don’t know that only the strongest 5 cards are counted, and it’s possible that the strongest hand is the card on the table, without using any of the cards in your hand.

Remember the rule of using the strongest 5 cards possible, and exactly the strongest 5 cards.

Example 06:

You hold 

The opponent holds 

Lessons out 

Here again a brain-hacking situation that is easy to make mistakes. Notice there is a pair of 2s available on the deck.

Your strongest hand is the    hand you have 2 pairs, and the 2s available on the unused hand, the 2s on the table are discarded. You have two pairs of 9 and 8.

The opponent’s strongest hand is the    opponent who uses the 2 pairs available on the table and combines the K pair in his hand, the opponent has 2 pairs of K and 2.

The opponent has a pair of KK22, you have a pair of 9988. In terms of the strongest pair, and KK is the highest pair, the opponent wins you even though both have two pairs, but the two KK22 teams are stronger than 9988.

Example 07:

You hold 

The opponent holds 

Lessons out 

Applying the knowledge just learned above, now let’s compare the lessons to see who has the stronger lesson. Remember to count all 5 strongest cards.
Your best hand is counting from the strongest   card then the second card    next   and     you use an unused Q card 4

Your opponent’s strongest hand is      . Hungry player uses 2 cards 9 and 10 but still loses to you.

Calculated according to the strongest 5 cards, the A card is tied, your Q card is stronger than 10. Counting this is your hand, even though the opponent’s next card is 9 stronger, but Poker has an order of priority. count as such. If the 2nd card is stronger, the 3rd card will not be counted.

Example 08: 

You hold 

The opponent holds 

Lesson out: 

In this case who wins. If you are not familiar with the rules of poker, you may be wrong again, remember to count only the 5 strongest cards.
Your hand has 2 pairs of 99 66, the 5th card will be an A and you don’t use the Q . card

Your opponent’s card is 99 66, your opponent’s 5th card is also an A and your opponent doesn’t use card 10, so in this case it’s a tie and both pay.

Same if the output is a little different .    (A clover is replaced by 8 spades)

In case if the common hand is like above, this time your strongest hand is 99 66 and Q 

Your opponent’s strongest cards are 9966 and 10, so you’ll win with a Q kicker greater than 10. Without the 5 strongest card rule, we’d be very wrong in this situation. Sometimes it’s a tie, sometimes it’s a win or lose, just replacing the child   with a child   is a completely different game result.

Example 09:

You hold   

The opponent holds 

Lessons out 

Here who wins, who loses or splits the money.

Continue to remember the strongest 5 card rule.

Your strongest 5 cards are 888 KJ

Your opponent’s 5 strongest cards are 888 K9  

You win because 888 KJ > 888 K9

So, if we don’t count exactly 5 cards, it is very likely that we will be wrong again.

Summary of how to play Poker:

When learning basic poker rules and how to play Poker, you must always remember the rule of counting the strongest 5 cards from top to bottom. Don’t just count the pairs or sets that you have lest you lose the big pot.

In poker there are the following main dealer round betting rounds:

Betting Round 01: Pot small blind, big blind

Deal Round 01: Each player receives 2 cards.

Deposit round 02: Preflop bet round.

Deal Round 02: Round of dealing the flop with 3 community cards.

Betting Round 03: flop betting round.

Deal round 03: Turn round. Continue dealing the 4th community card.

Betting round 04: Betting round on the turn.

Deal Round 04: River Round. Continue dealing the 5th community card.

Betting round 05: Betting round on the river.

Last round showdown round (equivalent to dealing round 05)

So a normal poker game will have 5 rounds of betting and 5 rounds of dealing cards. Total 10 rounds in all. Remember the proper names of the rounds: preflop, flop, turn river and showdown.

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