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Things You Need To Know Before You Get Started

Previously, you might have had big dreams of winning the lottery and retiring on your own island. I do not want to let you down, but I have to say playing casino games can bring a nice fever when things go in your favor, but it is not like in the movies.Here are a few things you need to know before you get started.

The Bookmaker Always Has an Advantage 

No matter what game you choose to play, the bookmaker (the casino you are gambling on) has an advantage. It is true that they do not need to rely on luck to win and make money, they make money based on players like you. Math is always on their side, so never assume you have the upper hand with casino games.

Luck Is the Biggest Factor

Unlike the bookmaker, you have to rely on luck to win. There are many ways you can slightly reduce the house edge over you with smart strategies. But luck is still the biggest determinant of your success, anyway.

Start With Money You Are Willing to Lose

Playing casino games is not an effective way to make money. You should play them for fun. Before you step onto the casino floor, decide how much money you can comfortably spend playing. Create boundaries for yourself. If you can’t feel comfortable to lose it, just don’t play.

Also, I recommend that you review the rewards and offers offered at the casino you are playing in. These programs are usually free to join, but they can make you a lot of money. Make use of them!

Choose the Right Game to Play

Depending on the type of experience you’re interested in, you may have a variety of options that are right for you.

If you are looking to win, it’s a good idea to get into games that both require skill to some extent, and that won’t make you break the bank too quickly. Some of the games with the best odds for players who really know how to play include: Blackjack (single deck, if available), Video Poker (I recommend a “Double Bonus” or “Double Double Bonus”), Craps (some bets), Baccarat

In case you are just looking to have some fun with an easy-to-learn game, the following options will work for you: Slots (note: penny slots do not cost only one cent to play), Roulette (European roulette has slightly better odds), Keno.

Don’t Miss the Rules and Learn Basic Strategies

You can easily find gambling guides online through a quick Google search. In fact, there are plenty of how-to guides as well as advanced strategies to increase your odds. If you do not have time to study them, that’s okay. All you should do is find a low-stakes table with a small minimum bet, such as $ 5 per game blackjack table (depending on casino and night, $10 might be the lowest you can find).

Tells the dealer that you want to play, but you don’t know how. I bet they’ll be happy to teach you and maybe even show you how to play right away if you ask. Ideally you should do this when the table is empty so you don’t slow down someone else’s play, although most people will understand or switch to another table.

Follow Casino Etiquette

There are a few basic casino rules that you should follow:

  • Never sit at a table unless you plan to play
  • Wait until the hand is over before you sit at the table.
  • Never take out your phone while sitting on a table (They will yell at you).
  • Do not touch your stake once you have placed it and the hand / spin / etc. has been processed.
  • Just touch your card with one hand.
  • Don’t touch your winnings until the dealer counts them in front of you and pushes them towards you.
  • Never stall the game to act like a hotshot.
  • Always tip your dealer regularly, by giving them a chip and saying clearly “This is for you” or by placing a bet for them. Never try to tip them cash, just the chips.
  • Always tip the cocktail waitress.

While you still may not be able to win any money if you follow these rules, you won’t get in trouble and you will have a good time playing.

Know When to Stop

There’s no denying that casino games can be addictive, so you need to take precautions and know when to quit.

Never chase your losses. You would be very wrong to think that you might suddenly get lucky and get your lost money back. Never think that you are going to win big and you can get the full money back if you just put some extra money in. Therefore, as soon as you start having the thought “If I play a little longer …” then stop immediately.


  1. Do casinos let you win at first?

    No, casinos don’t let you “win a couple of rounds” to get you hooked. 

  2. What Is the House Edge?

    It is a term used to describe the mathematical advantage that a casino has in all the games it offers. The House Edge is typically expressed as a percentage, and this percentage relates to the ratio of the expected loss to money wagered.

  3. Can I Win Playing Casino Games?

    Yes. The random nature of casino games gives you every chance of overcoming the odds. So, you essentially just need to get lucky. 

  4. Are Casino Games All About Luck?

    All casino games are primarily based on luck. In fact, many games are entirely based on luck. In some games, however, there is also an element of strategy involved.

  5. Why Do People Play Casino Games?

    Some people assume that playing casino games is foolish, because of the fact that you are so likely to eventually lose money. However, this ignores the fact that they can be a lot of fun.

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