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Skrill is the oldest payment service founded in 2011 and is owned by the PaySafe group. This e-wallet is available to Indian gamblers and is 100% legal. It is even one of the most popular payment methods for funding online betting accounts. One of the main reasons it is so prevalent in India is setting up an account in INR, which makes the whole process so much simpler without having to worry about currency conversion fees. However, it is worth noting that the transfer of player-to-player funds has been restricted since October 2020.

Is It Safe and Secure in India?

This e-wallet is very safe for depositing and withdrawing money. It gives gamblers the privacy they need to ensure they never get in the sights of online gambling authorities. All users’ transcripts will show that they are transferring money to the UK, so users covered in extreme cases are rarely asked for details.

Is It Legal in India?

In the list of territories where a Skrill Account can be opened, India is on the first. So gamblers are free to create a free account with high legal status. Besides, users can also request a Skrill card in India to shop online or at traditional stores without withdrawing money to an Indian bank account.

Why Should Indian Gamblers Use Skrill for Online Betting?

Unlike Visa, MasterCard, or Bank Transfer, this e-wallet can be used on betting sites in India.

Gamblers can set the currency in Skrill to rupees and avoid any kind of exchange fees, and have no difficulty withdrawing money to the account.

Also, this e-wallet is very safe and secure. Furthermore, it is one of the most widely accepted payment methods by online casinos and foreign exchange websites.

How to Sign-up

Create an Account

To get started, gamblers have to click on the “Sign-up” tab on the website’s home page and select Register for a personal account. Then, choose India as your country of residence and INR as the currency. You need to fill out personal information thoroughly and make sure it is correct as you cannot change it later.

Finally, click on the appropriate tab to end the registration process. Additionally, this e-wallet will require users to submit documents as proof of identity and proof of address to ensure that no one else uses the user’s name to set up the account.

Verify through Email

After completing the registration process, you will receive the verification e-mail you provided on the form. The email will include a verification link. Just click on the link to complete e-mail verification.

Verify the Address

Address verification is optional, but it allows users to increase the bank limit for deposits and withdrawals. This e-wallet will send new users a 6-digit code by post. Upon receiving this code, log into your account, click on verify address and enter the code.

Bank Account Verification

Users must provide their bank’s SWIFT code to complete the online process. In India, all major banks have a SWIFT code, and they will provide this information.

Credit Card Verification

The use of a credit card is an instantaneous money transfer. If users want to use this utility, they can verify credit cards with this electronic wallet. Some Indian gamblers have reported difficulties in this, and in all cases, credit card fees will be higher.

To verify the card, select the option and fill in the relevant details. The wallet will charge a minimal random amount of money to users’ cards. Gamblers need to take this amount from their credit card statement and enter it in the field on the website. The debit card will be verified in the same way as well.

Fees for Receiving Money with Skrill

There are no fees to receive funds to users’ bank accounts or to sign up. But if the gamblers are receiving funds to this e-wallet, they will have to pay fees to transfer the money from the wallet to the local bank account. The handling fee for the action is €5.50 (or equivalent account currency). To receive money in a currency other than the sender’s currency, this electronic wallet will charge an additional 3.99% fee to the exchange rate.


  1. Is Skrill legal in India?

    Of course! It is a legitimate payment method and can be used across India.

  2. Is Skrill safe to use?

    This e-wallet is very safe for users. It is purely a legitimate business.

  3. How long does it take to verify the account?

    As a rule, this e-wallet requires all customers to authenticate their accounts. Verification usually takes less than five minutes.

  4. Can gamblers transfer money from Skrill to bank accounts in India?

    Users can receive international money transfers from Skrill directly to their bank account. Make sure the sender has the personal information needed to send the transfer.

  5. How to close a Skrill account?

    Sign in to your account, select Settings -> Account settings -> Account status -> Close account. However, before closing your account, you need to withdraw or transfer all of the funds to your account.

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