How to get chips in Teen Patti

How to get chips in Teen Patti

Teen Patti (Teen Pathi), also known as Flush / Flash or Indian Poker, has been popular card games for generations. Teen Patti has a great success in the world of social casino games.

Since then, many gamblers have been searching for tricks to take advantage of free coins and chips. Many online casinos have their methods of making money for free. One of the more approachable ways to gain more chips is to play more. Besides, many other tips simplify the task of getting free chips.

Teen Patti has a gameplay that is not too complicated. Since the game has easy controls, players must apply additional tips and tricks. To play comfortably, players need to earn more and more chips.  

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How to get chips in Teen Patti
How to get chips in Teen Patti

Facebook is the most profitable platform when it comes to making chips in Teen Patti. One of the most popular ways is to share apps on Facebook and invite your friends to join.

For players who need free chips, this trick solves their intentions immediately. All you need to do is share the app with your friends using in-game buttons. The more you share, the more Score! However, players can only make use of 2,400 chips per day via app sharing. When sharing the app with a friend, players will receive 60 points and 2,400 valuable chips per day.

The method of sharing and making money is the easiest way to receive chips as it is the most accessible among other techniques.

Practice Makes Perfect

In Teen Patti, the more practice you will have, the more chips you will have. One of the best methods is to play 3 Patti online for a long time. Mostly the points received will be used to redeem Gifts or top-up vouchers. However, players can still exchange this point for chips.

Maximize Money/Chip by Referrals

Rule to get chips in teen patti
Rule to Get Chips in Teen Patti

With the growing social network, many game websites use social networks as platforms for players to withdraw money. At some websites, gamers will receive 5,000 free chips for each new subscription through referrals.

All players need is to invite friends to play from their ID. After players’ friends sign up, free coins will automatically be added to gamers’ accounts.

This is a method of making chips without much effort. You can share links on Facebook or WhatsApp from within the game with a few clicks. Besides, you can also share links via email to contacts. When a person registers through the link or ID from you, you will automatically receive the chip.

So if ten people sign up over the link you shared, you will get as many free chips. Also, there is no limit to the number of people you require to sign up for!

Teen Patti doesn’t require as much skill as poker. So learning the tips and tricks of this game does not take much time. The time players spend in the game is directly proportional to the number of chips they will earn.


1. How do I get chips in Teen Patti?

Android – Pay with Credit or Debit Card, Netbanking and Carrier Billing;
iOS – Payment by Credit Card or Debit Card;
Flash – Payment via Paytm, Credit Card, Debit Card and Netbanking;
Website – Payment via Paytm, Credit Card, Debit Card or Netbanking.

2. How to switch chips from a guest account to a Facebook account?

The guest account and the Facebook account are considered two different accounts. Cannot transfer chip, XP, or any other information between the two account types.

3. How to get unlimited chips?

The easy and simple way to earn chips is to read many stories and chapters in the game. You can earn resources by completing more chapters and reading more stories. One player will earn enough keys by applying the UTP fraud – Ultimate Teen Patti.

4. Why I have purchased but have not received the chip?

Players can only purchase chips through Google Play, iTunes Store, or Facebook with a credit card. If the purchase is accepted, the user will receive an order with the date and time of the purchase. Gamers will receive chips in the same used account when making a purchase. If you do not receive the chip within 24 hours, file a complaint and provide the order, date and time, and the Teen Patti or Facebook ID number.
If you have not received your order, in most cases your order will not be accepted. You cannot use a Debit card (except HDFC) or ATM to make purchases. If the funds have been debited to the account, wait 2 or 3 days and the funds will be credited back to the account.

Why I have purchased but have not received the chip?

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