How to create a Neteller account in India

How to create Neteller account in India

Neteller is a great bank option for Indian gamblers to process deposits and withdrawals from online bookmakers. Funding your betting account from this e-wallet usually takes less than a minute, and withdrawals are also speedy. However, sometimes depositing into the account can involve hefty fees, depending on the method the gamblers use. Overall, this is not a big obstacle for Indian gamblers when choosing to use this e-wallet.

What Is Neteller?

It is from Canada was established in 1999 was acquired by Paysafe Group Plc. Its core focus is an online electronic exchange that processes online payments. The gambling industry mainly serves this e-wallet.

Although it may look like a bank, it does not provide loans and other banking-like services to customers. Essentially, this e-wallet is a payment gateway accepted by more than 140 countries worldwide, including India. Its growth is too fast for a safer and cheaper payment gateway for any international transaction. Overall, Neteller is the best alternative to PayPal or Skrill.

In India, if gamblers want to deposit cash on gambling sites or any betting sites, then payment gateways like PayPal will not be available. Therefore, this electronic wallet will be the best choice.

Indian gamblers can use this e-wallet to deposit and withdraw cash from many betting sites like Bet365, 88casino, and more without hassle.

Why Should Indian Gamblers Use this E-wallet?

Deposit is possibly the most notable aspect of free online betting against bettors. Methods like credit cards or bank transfers are sometimes tricky to do. However, electronic exchanges have a 100% success rate after the money is transferred to electronic exchanges.

This e-wallet will also provide a layer of security for Indian gamblers if they transfer money directly to online betting sites. The transactions will show up on your bank or credit card statement as a transaction with the betting site. It also allows Indian gamblers to transfer money from one betting site to another quickly. This is useful for taking advantage of different bonus offers or odds offered by various websites.

Usage Tips for Indian Gamblers

Indian users should link their bank accounts with this e-wallet to make the deposit and withdrawal process more accessible. Without linking a bank account, gamblers cannot make a bank transfer. This may take a few days, so be sure to start the process right away.

When using any financial website or online service, look for the address bar that starts with HTTPS instead of HTTP.S to protect personal information.

Only withdraw money when needed! The only significant fees that gamblers incur are when withdrawing from the account. Only withdraw money when you are sure that you will not reuse that portion of your banking list for future betting games.

Since this e-wallet is accepted at many websites, take advantage of the different bonuses or odds between online casinos. Simply withdraw money from a website into your account and deposit funds to that site to get better benefits in bonuses or odds.

How to Set Up a Neteller India Account?

Signing up is very simple, with just a few steps. To get started, go to the main website and click on the “Personal” tab at the top, then select “Sign-up.”

Users will be required to provide some identity verification information and security information to ensure the account is protected. Besides, new users will also need to provide security questions to help with account verification if they lose their login information. After filling in the requested details, a tip is to take a screenshot of the registration page or print it out for your records.

After completing this process, the gamblers will receive their account ID and security ID via email.

The final step to confirm that the account is users may need to call Neteller from the phone number used to register. The site will verify the new users’ account details and details.

After successfully opening an account, to link your bank account, click “Verify your identity,” then choose “Sign-up” or “Add a bank account.” You will have to provide account details if needed and click “Continue.”

To validate the account, gamblers will deposit a minimal amount (microtransactions). Once these deposits are made, go to the website and select “Verify your bank account.”

You will be asked to enter the micro deposit total, and it will give you four opportunities to enter the correct amount. If the right amount is not entered after the fourth attempt, the process will start over. If the user does not perform appropriately after the second try, you should contact customer service to make sure you are doing it correctly.


  1. Can Indian gamblers use Neteller?

    Indian users can create an account with this e-wallet and use that to fund their gambling site accounts.

  2. Is Neteller secure?

    Have! There are many security features provided by this e-wallet and betting sites that use encryption protocols to secure users’ transactions.

  3. Which betting sites accept Neteller?

    Almost every betting website available to Indian betting players accepts this e-wallet, including Bet365, Funbet, Betwinner, etc.

  4. Is Neteller legal in India?

    The answer is yes! There is no law in India against sending and receiving money from online casinos.

  5. Does Neteller accept Indian debit cards?

    Yes! This e-wallet provides all services for Banks of India, except Net + Prepaid Card.

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