5 Best Online Betting Apps for Indian | Recommend by Betmentor Experts

The world of online betting has rapidly expanded, offering enthusiasts in India an array of choices when it comes to betting apps. With the convenience of ...

The US is growing to be the biggest sports betting market on the  globe

The sports betting sector is a big deal, with this niche accounting for much of the entire gambling industry. Indeed, it is an activity that is incredibly ...

Ways To Check if Online Betting Apps Are Legit

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Poker rules – How to play Poker – update 2022

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Teen Patti Game

Teen Patti (Teen Pathi) originated from India, also known as Flush (or Flash), meaning "three cards". This game is almost identical to the British 3 Card Brag ...

Andar Bahar Game

Andar Bahar is a reasonably simple gambling game consisting of a dealer and a deck of cards. This betting game is originated in India and is believed to have ...

Online Lottery in India

Finding a good online lottery site can be difficult because there are so many scam sites out there. Other platforms may decline payments based on odd criteria ...

How to Transfer Money From Neteller to Paypal

Basic Information About Neteller Neteller is an electronic wallet where users can use it to pay online. You can trade goods, top up the dealers' accounts ...

Kolkata Horse Race Tips in 2021

Horse Racing At Kolkata Horse racing in Kolkata can be traced back to the eighteenth century. The matches were initially held in the Garden Reach and Akra ...

Calcutta Horse Race Tips in 2021

Best Tips for Betting on Kolkata Horse Races Betting on horse races can be fun and profitable, however, you really need to spend some time and patience ...

Free Indian Horse Race Tips 2021

Is Horse Racing Betting Legal in India? Is Horse Racing Legal in India? ( Source: Shutterstock) Practically all forms of gambling and betting are ...

Top 10 Sites Accepting Bitcoin in India

Is Bitcoin legal in India? Luckily, India's supreme court has legalized the nationwide use of Bitcoin. According to them, the existence of Bitcoin or ...

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