FizzSlots? Have any of you heard about this name before? Maybe you haven’t since it has just been established in 2021 and is still not getting much attention from global gamblers. However, after our one-week experience on this online casino site, we are now inspired to write a review article about it.

First of all, It is a gambling site operated by Fizzgame N.V , a company based in Curacao and after a few months  of launching, this online casino has received authentication from Curacao Gaming License, an organization that has verified for over 450 online casinos in the world. Therefore, holding Curacao Gaming License means that FizzSlots has built up a firm initial foundation for its transparency which matters for such a gambling start-up like this. Not only that, but the game collections, payment method, and customer service that we will elaborate more on below has contributed to its first steps in this Online Gambling Industry.


The verification from Curacao License

To have a wide optic of the trustworthiness of FizzSlots, we will have to bring you, gamblers, through some details of the Curacao license. And as soon as you understand the importance of that organization, you will see it clear why you can put all your trust to gamble on this site.

Curacao Gaming License is an authenticating gamble activity foundation which is pretty famous in the world and an obvious choice for gambling sites if they want to operate in this market. In order to achieve the verification from Curacao, the online casinos themselves will have to pass a test to prove the standard of their gambling products to Curacao. 

Moreover, their verifying policy will be updated often to make sure that no scam will take any advantage of them. Of course, you can dig deeper and see what are their current requirement on

As you can see, getting legitimacy from such a reputable organization like Curacao will take time and effort. You already know that scammers are so lazy to overcome such a process. In sum, FizzSlots passed the test so there are no points for us to put any doubt on it.

Outlook of FizzSlots: Impressive?

It might be due to the late appearance in the market that the interface of this online casino can be considered as the most exotic one. If you are curious, go into their website and you will realize the uniqueness. Our general depiction would say that its design brings over the young, positive and modern vibes. Could it be that FizzSlots has seen the current limitation of the rest of the casino sites on the market? We can’t put the conclusion on the table when there is no evidence. For that reason, we would love to invite all of you to get on the FizzSlots Tour to see whether this work on the image can attract gamblers or not.

Cons or Pros?

Right after stepping our foot on this site, we were amazed by the vivid tones of color but not so comfortable because of the instant appearance of multiple options. The black top bar, for example, are already covered with the stuff below:

  1. Casino
  2. Live Casino
  3. Tables game options
  4. Tournament
  5. Promotion
  6. Favorite
  7. Language
  8. Login

Being detailed is a good thing but it would be a wise move if they could put all of that into a Menu option, except the login. It is not because we are the fastidious reviewer but from the gambler’s point of view, we are sure that the others will face the same situation. Look at the below bar and you will see how things are over needed:

  1. Search bar
  2. Provider name 
  3. Game Category

The repeatedly presenting of promotion is the factor that we don’t see how it will benefit FizzSlots, even though we do share the same feeling that they are just trying to promote their products. However, the confusing vibe will be still going on with the software provider list below:

  • 1x2gaming
  • Amatic
  • Augustgaming
  • Authentic
  • Avatarux
  • Belatra
  • Bgaming
  • Bigtimegaming

It is too much for what a gambler needs for an online casino which we assume that it could be better with all integrated on a few Symbols or Selections

What truly makes up the difference

Besides the things mentioned above, we believe the vivid color applied on this site is an absolute eye-catching feature. Each option got customized into a gaming image and each button carries a different bright color tone that makes us feel young and modern. Among them, Symbols are what impressed us the most:

  1. Magnifying Glass Symbol: Searching
  2. Lock Symbol (Log in): You will use both login/registration by three options
  3. Cloud Symbol (Live Chat): where you can contact their customer service for help on the left handside.

Those options perhaps performed an outstanding job in terms of intelligence as well as artfulness. If they did the same motif to everything on the site, gamblers will not be confused anymore on their first- time dropping in.

FizzSlots App in the process?

Unfortunately, App is another missing factor that FizzSlots casino is facing right now. But we can’t ask for so much when they are still a newbie on the gambling market. It could be that they are focusing more on the site because there are still some limitations which could be another problem if they immediately want to scale down into mobile size. 

However, we have a strong point of view that this potential gambling site will have its own app on IOS as well as Android with just a few more times. Probably, an impressive upgrade will come up with both the site and app at the same time. For such a reason, a promising future is waiting for them ahead.

The game collection covers the limitation

When speaking of the firm initial foundation that FizzSlots can develop in the future, their game collection is included. Pay your attention to these batches of gambling products below and you will truly see through how potential it is. Containing more than 2,000 games powered by software providers like 1x2gaming, Amatic, Augustgaming, Authentic, Avatarux, Belatra, Bgaming, Bigtimegaming, and more, your choice will vary. 


This is the section where they hold games that have been rocking for the last year. Gamblers spent most of their time here when coming into FizzSlots. So if you are not sure about your choice, just follow the step of other gamblers

FizzSlots Casinogame


FizzSlots will never let you down because they bring out new games every day that you can never discover the whole stuff with just a small of time


Slot machines are one of those exciting games that focus more on human property. If you’re lucky, gamblers are sure to make a lot of money with the reels. The slots focus quite a lot on a series of symbols with different values ​​depending on each of them. The number of gamblers received at the time the goal is reached will be paid out immediately

Live Casino

Another highlight of the platform is the live casino games offered by Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play, and Ezugi. The site worked hard to achieve its goal of developing one of the most advanced and reputable live functions ever. Live casinos focus on using an internet connection to interact with gamblers effectively



Random numbered games of the many popular pastimes are available in the table games section. Video poker such as Deuces Wild and Jacks or Better is also frequently enjoyed by many gamblers

The options of games above are quite enough for you to claim the gambling enjoyment that you want. It is sad to know that they don’t have mobile apps because we believe the incredible can be reinforced by the existence of flexibility and convenience. Until then, that various gambling stuff will serve your experience well, dear Gamblers.

Few steps to own an FizzSlots account

Their account creating method is something else that can drive up our interest in this site because of its fast service and there are even two ways for you to choose if you want to own an FizzSlots account:

1. Login by 1 Click

  • Facebook
  • Gmail

2. Traditional Registration

Both methods carry the same convenience so don’t worry if you don’t have a social media account.

Simpliest Registration

Using your Social Media account to do the registration is something not new but actually more straightforward because it is something we all have. Finally, you don’t need to be surprised by its simplicity with these only 4 steps below:

  • Step 1: Go into and click on Register 
  • Step 2: On the new window, pick the email option  
  • Step 3: Fill in all neccesary information for email options
  • Step 4: Hit on Send purple button to finish

Do you see anything difficult? Not a chance that you do and the same goes for the traditional method.

Wide Payment Network and Simple Deposit

If you pay careful attention then you will realize that the pinky Join Now logo will change to the Deposit logo after you log in. Inside that area, these are banking method that FizzSlots offers for you:

  • Bank cards
  • Skrill
  • Neteller

You can choose whatever method that suits you the most and start depositing instantly. Here, we will give you an example by Banktransfer:

  • Step 1: Click on the Deposit button and choose Banktransfer method
  • Step 2: Input the amount of money you want (25-12,000 dollars)
  • Step 3: Enter your first 6 digits of your Bankcard
  • Step 4: Hit deposit to finish the process

Normally, this method will take up to three days, so if you don’t want to waste your time, pick for alternative options like Neteller, Skrill, or the others on the list above.

How to Payout?

lIn case gamblers want to pay out the winnings, bettors can choose from 11 payment options. There are other payments like Ethereum, Visa, and Bitcoin. Daily withdrawal limit of up to €1,500. FizzSlots casino free payout volume is not limited. Therefore, gamblers do not need to pay any payment fees.

The withdrawal option lurks inside the Horseshoe Symbol next to the Deposit symbol. Go for it and finish these steps by bank transfer to cash out smoothly:

  • Step 1: Click on Banking Symbol and choose Banktransfer method
  • Step 2: Input the amount of money you want (25-12,000 dollars)
  • Step 3: Enter your card/wallets number
  • Step 4: Hit withdrawal to finish the process

Within 1 to 24 days, the website will complete the withdrawal process of gamblers. The casino only handles payments on business days.

Look at that huge bonuses

There is nothing better than giving gifts to start your day with joy and motivation. FizzSlots Casino offers welcome bonuses and exciting promotions.

This offer is a pretty smart strategy to help gamblers earn money and have fun at the same time. The online casino offers to new players with their first deposit and is matched deposit 100% up to a maximum of 500 EUR / 50000 INR / 15000 UAH (depending on the account currency) with a required minimum deposit of 20EUR / 1000 INR / 400 UAH accordingly.

The massive they are giving away implies that they are trying not to fall behind those well-known online casinos. For gamblers, that is so generous.

Fastest Way to Get Help

The casino has a dedicated team of customer support that works effectively. There are three ways to get help on the web. The first is the FAQs section, where gamblers can check multiple answers to frequently asked questions. There are also email addresses for finance, complaints, and general assistance.

However, I prefer the third option – live chat support. To start a chat with one of the live employees, simply click on the “Live Chat” icon in the bottom right corner of the page. I have tested this feature many times on my phone and PC. I was delighted with the quick response time and professionalism of the service.

A hopeful future is waiting

Although FizzSlots is a new entrant to the gambling market, it is trying its best to show global gamblers that they have enough potential factors to stand in the position of a big guy like Genesis Casino in the future. Despite the limitation on option adjustment and missing its own app, this might be a golden period for them to brainstorm what will be their new plans to deliver a better service to their customers.

What we are seeing right here, some days will eventually become a must-go-to choice for gambling fans around the world. Until the time has come, give FizzSlots a tryout and you will not be disappointed. You can play more free slots online

Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston

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