Calcutta Horse Race Tips in 2021

Calcutta Horse Race Tips in 2021
Best Tips for Betting on Kolkata Horse Races
Best Tips for Betting on Kolkata Horse Races

Betting on horse races can be fun and profitable, however, you really need to spend some time and patience researching the form, forming a solid betting strategy and getting some Helpful advice before you get started.

Every day when you place a bet, it is obvious that you hope the results will work for you. However, if you are new to horse racing betting, you will likely need a few tips that may help. Here are some easy horse racing tips you can do today for better results.

Follow the Expert’s Advice

First advice, all you need to do is follow top horse racing tips from the experts as well as use their prediction to place your bet. Experts have done a lot of research to make sure they can come up with the right tips. Thanks to correct continuous bets, they will earn loyal customers and this is their main revenue.

 Start From the Known to the Unknown

The chances of the horses having a winning record to win again are high, and you shouldn’t miss that. You should collect information about each race and horse’s track record. The fact that you receive the race program and racing mode every day will help you to make better predictions.

Alternatively, you can bet on races where you know enough information to minimize your risk. However, when you get the chance to try something you don’t know yet, you can also try it. When you can, watch the races to gain experience for yourself.

Stake What You Can Afford To Loose

Betting can sometimes have results that you do not want, then you can lose everything you have. To avoid risk, you need to make sure the amount you bet today does not interfere with your budget in case you lose it all. Be cautious and also be aware of how much and how much time you invest in betting. Ideally, start with small amounts until you fully understand horse racing betting.

Study a Horse’s Recent Racing History

Horses are regularly trained for competition and will usually race on a regular schedule. In fact, sometimes different factors may arise that result in an extended layoff . If that layoff goes on for the past 45 days then that horse is considered “laid off”.

You avoid betting on a horse that is on a long rest because they are less likely to do their best in the first race again.

What you want to look for is a horse running in their second race following a layoff, they will often perform closer to their true ability.

Taking into Account Tracks Surfaces and Track Conditions

While most horses are trained to run on one particular surface or another, it can sometimes make a difference, especially in large ranked races. It is important to know a .know a horse’s past performance on whichever surface

When it comes to track conditions, there can sometimes be a noticeable difference in a horse’s performance on a fast, dry track instead of a race on a track that has been affected by rain or may even be there. snow. Therefore, you should take a quick check of their past race history which will always record the track conditions for each and every race they have run.

Pick your horses wisely

Pick Your Horses Wisely
Pick Your Horses Wisely (Source: Shutterstock)

A race horse’s breeding pedigree is undoubtedly an important factor to keep in mind. While it is not a guarantee of success, good trainers know how to keep their promising horses.

As race day approaches, many things can affect a horse’s performance. Additionally, some riders seem to benefit more from one horse than others. Therefore, check to see if the jockey has had previous success with his ride.

Chasing Losses, Just Don’t!

It is true to say that chasing losses is one of the big mistakes made by both the beginner as well as the experienced player. After losing, many people think that they should increase their next bet so that they can win and make up for the previous loss. I know it is tough to avoid temptation and always in control when placing your bets. An unlucky streak can be costly, but you need to know that there is no way to ensure that any of those losses can be offset by placing more bets. If you are the one increasing your bet to chase losses, you realize that you are only losing more in a short period of time.

Do Not Betting Too Often

One of the most common mistakes is to bet too often. Since you have so much to bet, you have a high chance of placing more bets and placing more bets than necessary. In my opinion, you should set a budget and stick to it to avoid a quick bank breakdown. You should also start with single and simple bets. As you gain experience, you can start adding other bets and enjoy multiple bets on one bet slip.

In general, most people who watch a horse race bet on it. Unfortunately, only a few of those will actually win. Some people make bets as a form of entertainment and they don’t really care about the outcome. If you really want to win, here are some ways for you to increase your overall payout.


  1. How often does the favorite horse win?

    On average favorites win about 35% of horse races. But, that win percentage can fluctuate based on the distance, surface, class, etc. 

  2. Can I win real money through horse race betting?

    Yes, you can absolutely win real money at online horse race betting. You just have to do your research, such as reading about the racing club and race track, the various types of races, the horses that are taking part, horse racing news, etc.

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