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In such a heyday of technological development and the incoming of new trends, currency also follows the progress and finds its own way. With that being said, Bitcoin might be the best example of this revolution. That cryptocurrency can now be used to do payment, shopping, and even betting. Using the most modern and safe encrypted technology of Blockchain, this is the future of our money. In its first step of conquering the world, Bitcoin has allowed its users to make deposits as well as withdrawals on betting sites and is an absolute bargain for players, especially local India punters.

Blockchain: the invention helping Bitcoin leading the market

That BlockChain technology is the savior of cryptocurrency since it got trust from not just Bitcoin but the other virtual money are willing to use it as a way to protect their new money type. So, what makes Blockchain so famous and reliable in this cryptocurrency market? With these factors below, you will get your answer:

  1. Save, manage and protect information
  2. Update and Adjust consistently
  3. Combine a whole block of information together
  4. Carry the Decentralized management while the rest is still on the centralized path, which can allow scammers or those with powerful authority to do bad things like corruption
  5. The updating process got the involvement of every participant

If you think that is enough for this most secured system, look at the way how it works, and you will change your mind through an example of when local Indian transfer Bitcoin to betting sites:

  1. In case a local India wants to make a transaction, all of the machine known as Bitcoin notch will operate and monitor all of the information about that transaction as well as put everything in a block
  2. The system then will check whether the block is suitable or depends on BlockChain or not
  3. Without other problems, the new block will be attached to the whole chain
  4. Finally, it will become a permanent part of BlockChain, and there will be no change that will happen to it

Holding a really powerful and tight operating system with the chain of many blocks stuck together like that, hackers or stealers can never lay a finger on this thing. But if they want to do it or they desperately desire to destroy the blockchain system, they have to do it with the first block because every change or adjustment will require the agreement of every notch in the system. That will take a whole life of a hacker to do it, so, please don’t waste your time like that. With all those criteria, we believe that choosing Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency that got support from BlockChain, is something that is understandable for both players and betting sites.

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Are there other reasons to choose Bitcoin for gambling?

Yes, there are. Bitcoin is the most reliable cryptocurrency at the moment, so it got the acceptance of top housing sites. The support from Bitcoin is the best alternative deposit and withdrawal method for the betting networks. But how did Bitcoin do that? Don’t worry, we will show it to you:

  1. Cash in and out process is faster than Mastercard or Paypal (Follow the instruction below)
  2. Exchanging currency is secured:
  • Depositing Bitcoin and Getting Dollars: 100% secure guarantee (should)
  • Depositing Bitcoin and Getting Bitcoin: low protection
  1. No extra fee
  2. A wide range currency accepted ( especially Rupee)
  3. Hide user’s information ( No scammers allowed)

There are no ways that it is all Bitcoin has because there are more features in this magical money that we can’t find out how to depict it all right here for you guys. But with the rest or not, we just want to impart to gamblers that they can’t go wrong with Bitcoin since it has a real wide-spreading on the whole planet. So, you don’t need to question anything about it because reputation speaks for itself.

Especially, those secure factors are what matters for bettors when there are so many scammers out there that can pickpocket it at any time. More importantly, not just because the houses in the betting market don’t know how to look after new currency doesn’t mean that they are not safe. Quite different actually, if a site allows Bitcoin to operate on their sites, it is quite sure that they are offering players a better way to make deposits and withdrawals. Is that what you, players need to pay more attention to? No doubt, it is.

A gift to players: Huge Bonuses

Because Bitcoin hasn’t covered the entire market of reliable betting sites so it is calling for more trust from players because the new type of money will ensure a more smooth gambling experience. One of that is the Massive Bonuses deposit which you can easily find on a site where will offer you:

  • 5% Bitcoin Boost when you deposit at a specific time
  • 100% Bonuses for first-time deposit
  • 35% Reload bonuses

Now that is what we call a true enjoyment, and not just BetOnline is the only one doing this, but the others got bitcoin payment methods that also include this policy for their players. This is a golden chance for all of you to increase your betting fund. If you want to know more about where this event was launched, go to for more in-depth detail. There are more gifts waiting for you out there, so check it and take it.

Bring in, Dig in, and Taking out by Bitcoin

how to deposit bitcoin

This article will not show you how to create a Bitcoin account since it will be another complex chain of information and that process takes time. Another reason why we won’t provide that tutorial is that if you are already here, then you must have already had Bitcoin in your wallet. Is that right, dear players? So now we will introduce to you the method to link your Bitcoin wallet to your betting account as well as how to make a deposit and withdrawal through this cryptocurrency. However, before you want to put your money in betting by using Bitcoin, makes sure to follow these steps follow:

  • Step 1: Accessing for more in-depth information about the site allowing Bitcoin
  • Step 2: Pick the site you want
  • Step 3: Check the review of user about experiences using Bitcoin on that site
  • Step 4: Create your betting account
  • Step 5: Link your Bitcoin wallet with the account

Again, we will help you to have a closer look at BetOnline.AG, a site considered as one of the best places accepting Bitcoin. So, what you are going to do at BetOnline or other sites out there before making the deposit is creating an account, and don’t be worried because this is just a baby step. Giving the site the information below and you will receive a fresh new account:

  1.  First name
  2.  Last name
  3.  Email
  4.  Password
  5.  Nation
  7.  Phone number
  8.  Date of birth

That was so easy, wasn’t it? But things won’t stop right there because the easiness will keep going with making the deposit by Bitcoin:

  • Step 1: Log into your New betting account
  • Step 2: Click on the Cashier button lying at the end of the options bar which is right under the BetOnline.AG logo
  • Step 3: Pick for Bitcoin
  • Step 4: Here, you will have to fill up the number you want to make a deposit in USD ( it will exchange to Bitcoin for you) with the minimum is 20 dollars, and the maximum is 500,000 dollars
  • Step 5: After finishing that step, you will hit the Deposit option, and a new window will appear with a long link address on it (copy that link)
  • Step 6: Access and select the Bitcoin Wallet section 
  • Step 7: Moving on with Transaction and click Send
  • Step 8: Past the link on the blank right next to Send button
  • Step 9: Write down the same dollar’s number as it is on BetOnline
  • Step 10: Go for the Complete Deposit to end up the transaction

BetOnline will verify the information and Bitcoin will be working at the same time to make sure your money will go exactly to where it belongs within 15 minutes to the maximum of 2 hours and like we‘ve said before: EVERYTHING IS FREE. If you have successfully followed those steps till the end, you are ready to enjoy the interesting gambling world. Players, especially Local Indians, will not want to miss this part. So, go on and check it out right now.

Bitcoin: a worthy try-out

Carrying so many benefits as well as providing highly secure Bitcoin might be the best money on the market for you to make a bet. Given that Bitcoin is different from other e-wallets that it is not forbidden in India, you can’t go wrong for those dear local Indian players.

We are not trying to call up everyone to use Bitcoin for betting because Bitcoin has already proved itself. Get your own Bitcoin, link it with a betting account and let’s make a bet right now.

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Tom Hiddleston

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