Since its establishment on 5/1/2020, bet O bet has gathered the love from global gamblers by its diverse game base, playing on mobile devices ability and VIP program that promotes tiers. It has been operated by Counder B.V.  Obviously, if bet O bet is under Counder B.V management then it has already had the license from Curacao which is the main part that contribute to the reputation of this bookie all over the world and especially, India.

How much can we trust?

As mentioned, bet O bet is under control of the Counder B.V, a famous company known for its good provision of online gambling patterns and it is also authorized by the world’s popular gambling licenses from Curacao. Both of these organizations are exemplary representatives of gambling regulation, so, with their supportive existence behind, bet O bet is in the transparent zone. For those who don’t know, Curacao has proved its position in Gambling World by more than two decades of operation and gamblers usually tend to put their trust in gambling sites that have the verification of this big guy and bet O bet is one of those.

Besides, this sports betting has received a lot of positive star reviews from reliable sports betting review pages in the world as well as from the players themselves after having their first gambling experience on this site. Overall, people spend a positive look at this online bookie and that is why they call it: “a worthy try”.

An impressive outlook

What makes a professional of a sports betting site is its interface, and it seems like bet O bet saw through this point in their first day of foundation so the site has created an incredible outlook that did an excellent job on serving the satisfaction of gamblers.

With the main theme of luxury black color, as soon as players step their foot inside the site, they will have the feeling as if they are in a real luxurious sportsbook hall. It is due to the simplicity with not so many options on the screen but instead, the whole selection all lies under the Playnow which you can easily see at the left hand of the site:

  7. GAMES

With each choice from Sport to Live betting, the site ensures a gambling experience that you will never get bored with such diverse games like that. There are just a few more things to pay attention to which sit steadily on the top right of the screen. In that section, you will see:

  1. Yellow box on the left handside where you can do the Sign-Up or Log in. 
  2. A Bell that will give you a notification when there is something new

And that is everything about the interface of bet O bet. It is strong evidence of simplicity which might be rare to find on the market at the current. For that reason, if there is an achievement for the sports betting site design, bet O bet will be likely a potential candidate. Their designing teams truly did an outstanding job.

What about bet O bet App? Does it have one?

It would be a missing factor if an incredible betting site like this doesn’t have its own app. Indeed, the creation of the bet O bet Mobile edition is a turning point for this site to perfect its masterpieces. The app will serve both Android and IOS devices. One more thing is that you shouldn’t be surprised when knowing that it also houses a simple interface as its site.

Inside the app, you will realize that bet O bet loves their gamblers so much that they always put the 100% bonus offer in the first look of the screen as what they did for the site. And right just under the promotion is the same Playnow with similar options. All of this might be a scheme of bet O bet that they were trying to make a simple version on the website so when the work is done, they don’t have to recreate the outlook to fit the small version on the phone anymore since the site itself is always minimal. This site has gone a step further than what they could have thought at the first time. 

bet O bet Betting Collections will Amaze You

The site and the app have already told you that you will never feel bored here since there are endless games below waiting for you. Check out what it got:

bet O bet Betting  and promotions


The sports section at the betting site carries options UEFA Europa League, Copa Sudamericana, Spain’s La Liga, and much more.. In this section, you will have a world of a lot of sports events available at bet O bet. Your job is just to pick and play. For that reason, let us give you some recommendations of which to follow first and that would be. Trust us on this because it will blow your mind for sure.

Casino  Games

This is the section that will have the rapid update every week and you will have a chance to experience thousands of new games that you can never imagine how tremendous the number is. With such a diversity like this, we can’t actually give you guys any advice on which to go first because no matter what choice you make in this section, you will be satisfied in the end. For example, recently we have put ourselves on the journey of NetEnt’s Ozzy Oboure and Kalamba ‘s Crystal Cavern and, we must say that they are extraordinary

Jackpot Games

Where to find a pot of gold, it is definitely the JackPot game section. Of course, in this place, you will find for yourself a jackpot and also progressive jackpots. There is also a variation of games and some of which might be familiar to all of you like NetEnt’s Mega Fortune. Don’t hesitate and join this section to get your own Jackpot right away

Table Games

This section will provide you with a diverse option from BlackJack games, Roulette, Poker Tables, Baccarat and so much more that we can’t mention here. Your job right now is just choosing any Table you want, throwing money in, and earning when you decide to leave

Live Casino

If online gambling has provided you not enough satisfaction, bet O bet has fulfilled the empty by adding the Live Casino Section. This is the place where you will have a dealer manned table that will help you to enhance the real gambling experience in games like  Roulette and Blackjack and choose from the various game options. Immersive Roulette, VIP Roulette, Blackjack, and even Blackjack Gold. Go on and play your own style,

Creating bet O bet account: Simple

The way we are going to create a FrankFred account can’t be simpler than its own site or app. Here, we will demonstrate to you all what steps to go through if we want to own an account in this incredible online betting site. Let‘s get into the work:

Step 1: Go into and hit the Register Symbol on the top right of the screen

Step 2: There will be two options inside the symbol:

  • Log In
  • Register

Of course, you have to pick the Register

Step 3: You will be brought to a new window where you will fulfill the blank with your Personal and Account details:

  • First name and Last name
  • Address/City/Zip Code/Country
  • Phone
  • Birth Date and Gender
  • Email
  • Password
  • Confirm Password

Step 4: Click the Agreement on terms and conditions and hit on Register

Step 5: A link has been sent to your email so you have to open it to activate the account

The registering process only includes 5 steps above and just right after, you will see a Congratulations for a successful registration. Definitely, bet O bet wants to bring you into their gambling world as fast as possible by showing up the Deposit Window lying just under the Congratulations notification where you will make your first deposit. But which Payment Method should we use or how to make a deposit (or withdrawal) on this site? Fortunately, we have in-depth instruction in the next section. Make sure that you won’t miss it.

What ways to put your money in?

bet O bet has a wide selection of both deposit and withdrawal methods. Here, you can use:

  1. Credit/Debit Cards
  2. Moneybookers (Skrill)
  3. Neteller
  4. Trustly
  5. Bank Transfers

In our experience, you should use the same method for both your deposit and withdrawal processes. This will ensure your information is safe and secure. Besides, the information processing process will be shortened.

We used Trustly for both our deposit and withdrawal. The transaction process is done quickly. Lucky for me because within 24 hours our winnings were in our real checking account.

The minimum deposit limit is set at 10 euros per transaction, while the maximum amount you can deposit is unlimited.

This online betting site has a minimum withdrawal amount of 10 euros, while the maximum withdrawal limit is set at 3000 euros, depending on the withdrawal method you choose. If you want to make a large withdrawal you should contact customer support.

With such a thick payment net like that, there will be no difficulty for a gambler to step their foot into the bookie immediately. However, you need to pay attention to two things:

  1. If you choose to cash in through Neteller, Trusly, or ecoPayz, money will come into the account in just a few hours and there is a guarantee that it won’t pass 24 hours which is really fast
  2. If you choose to put money in by Banktransfer, you will have 100% account protection but in turn, you have to wait up to 3 days for the transaction to complete

Hold on right there if you think that those methods on the first option are not safe. Everything is all secure either way you choose. The Banktransfer solely has a bigger system with high traffic on a global scale and their system contains various protecting layers so the obvious delay means absolute protection. In conclusion, if you are a meticulous person, Banktransfer is the best option for you.

How to make deposit and withdrawal

Just like the way how bet O bet accounts are made up, the deposit and withdrawal process on this site follow the same type of simpleness. As we have said before, there will be nothing that could intercept your path to this gambling world. All you need to do is following our guide below and the games are yours:

Step 1: Go into the bookie and click on the Register on the top right of the screen

Step 2: Log in to your account

Step 3: Hit on Deposit pinky button on the left hand (you can easily see this)

Step 4: You will be moved to a new window where there are 3 options:

  • Deposit
  • Withdrawal
  • Transactions

Pick Deposit (or Withdrawal if you want to payout)

Step 5: Choose your Payment method (Here we will go after Banktransfer)

Step 6: On the new window, enter your Card details

Step 7: Hit Deposit (or Withdrawal) to finish the transaction

Wait, is that all it got? Yes, it is. There is nothing to be surprised about here since the Register Section has already put simplicity on the table and things will be just going, in the same way, no matter what the Payment Method or anything else. If you still don’t believe it, look at the way how they did with the Bonus policy

Bonuses code: Strange but Convenient

There is something that exists in the bet O bet bonus policy that is quite strange and different from the other betting sites. Can you guys guess what that is? Exactly, it is their bonus code that you… will not need. Due to its smart interface that makes the whole process easier when you are not forced to have a Promotion Code to achieve the bonuses. Again, it is nothing bizarre because bet O bet has the best sports betting site design team and they have truly done a good job in terms of bringing out such a mentioned bonus idea. For that reason, we can’t help ourselves but recommend you all to try this out to enhance your gambling experience

Huge welcome bonus

Of course, with that facilitating in Bonus Code above, their bonuses offer some gifts gamblers can’t be able to resist. Take a look for yourself to see how they have customized their “loves” for you:

  • First Deposit Offer: A welcome gift for newbies when they first make a deposit with $100 with a bonus on your first deposit!This is absolutely a good deal and sites has used it well to attract global gamblers

Customer Support Is Friendly and Enthusiastic

Although bet O bet does not provide a phone number that you can contact in case of problems, I am very pleased with the customer service at this bookie. We sought the staff’s help through a website live chat service.

Surprisingly, this online bookie website is available in 3 languages ​​including Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, and English. This deserves a huge plus compared to games betting sites that only support one language. They gave us the answers on the right track. They also advised us on the payment methods included. We feel very grateful for this.

Besides, you can also send an email to the address to receive help: [email protected]. The staff here are available 24/7, so we believe they won’t miss any of your questions.

Should we go for it?

Through our experience, this choice is an incredible decision that happened to us this week. There is no doubt that if you opt for, your bores will be gone and all left is pure enjoyment. Those Fast and Convenient factors on this bookie will never offend any gambler, even the most fastidious one. Plus, the bonuses policy and Payment methods are so generous that it is impossible for a player to throw their optic away with this betting site. So, don’t hold yourself anymore and dip yourself in the bet O bet world today.

Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston

Tom. H is in charge of creating development projects and performing them widely. His dedicated work plays an important role in promoting our brand and making it popular among Indians and worldwide users. When Tom was a child, he was fond of playing strategy games, solving puzzles, and doing crosswords. This leads to the calmness and logical thinking that is essential for a CTO. “Turning the planned project into real results and KPIs are what I envisage to do”, said Tom. He is a passionate and ambitious person who wants to see the performance work efficiently. He works regardless of day and time to create campaigns to make the site as popular as possible. He hardly has negative thinking and tries to balance his work and life.

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