If you are looking for the best bookies for you then welcome to betmentor.in, a site that offers you the best reviews for Indian players.  We will bring you the most detailed reviews of bookies so that you could know more about insider information on every betting company, some helpful tips, and how bookmakers work. 

Besides, betmentor is also a place for Indian players to express their opinions about the bookmakers that they used to play. This could help us to refine further our reviews and reviews of the bookmakers operating in the Indian market today. From there, we will bring the most intuitive view to all online betting enthusiasts. And we believe that your contribution will help us to reach as many Indian players as possible.

betmentor is widely experienced in the online betting industry, most of whom have been important members of famous bookmakers. We, therefore, guarantee to bring you exclusive, most accurate, and relevant information for the betting market in India.

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Bookmakers Rating

We offer a wide selection of the best bookmakers for Indian players by categorizing them in different ways. In every bookmaker review, we break down each issue to easily analyze it for players to better understand that Bookmaker. Specifically, we will evaluate and rate each factor such as Betting Market, Odds, Live betting, License, etc. That makes it easier for you to choose a bookmaker that better fits your criteria.

Change Rating

We always keep up with the latest status of the bookmakers we’ve ranked. So it’s not surprising if yesterday you saw a dealer with a 5-star rating, and today it has dropped to 3 stars. At the same time, we will always make specific announcements about the bookmaker ranking changes to all players. Besides, our changes are also based on reviews and comments from previous players. Therefore, your comments are always an important source of material in our assessment.

Bookie Finder

Our main website is designed to be the best for players to help them find the best Bookmaker that fits their criteria by tailoring your search to our currency, preferred language, payment method, house payout, and our rating.


We always prioritize the best bookmakers and accept the Indian Rupee as the currency in all money transactions. Hence, this will be an advantage for you when choosing the Bookmaker we offer. In addition, you will also know all the important details about depositing and withdrawing money at online Indian betting sites.

Betting Guides

Not only do we have detailed reviews on Indian online betting sites, but we are also a useful site for you to find useful tips on live betting. Here, you will find a wealth of detailed betting guides drawn up by our industry leaders based on their experiences. Besides, we’ll also regularly update you on really useful strategies you can take advantage of when betting.

Our Experts Team

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Head of Research

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BetMentor.in is the third-party website that provides the most accurate information and reviews about the bookmakers that accept Indian gamblers.

We have a team of leading experts from India specializing in a thorough analysis of the gambling sector in this country.

Our website will give gamers a better understanding of how to legally participate in games of chance and profit in India.

You will always get detailed information and instructions on choosing the right dealer, as well as how to easily win in the market of chance.

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